name that butt

March 29, 2012

AMRAP in 13min

  • 20 air squats
  • 5 power snatch (115#/95#)
  • overhead carry

Scale weights accordingly.  Overhead carries will be done in the center parking lot area, so don’t park there!
*On an additional note Board Scores only count at the gym that they are performed at.*


17 thoughts on “name that butt”

  1. WOD: 8 rounds (@ 95#)
    This was a lot of fun. Would make a great “Games” WOD.
    I do not know the owner of the pictured butt. Has to be a male based on the fit of the jeans… And is that paint, gum or… Lewinsky?

  2. 8 rounds (35#), it was fun, but I was disappointed, I kind of thought I should be able to do more weight… Sags was awesome 8 rds at 55#, and Tara rocked 7rds at 35#.

  3. Ashley- 35# is nothing to be disappointed in. Snatches take a lot of practice….especially on form. You’ll get there. Been missing you guys. Maybe next week I’ll have time to wod! I’m dying!

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