My buddy and Me

With a partner-
Skill- Partner band sprints x4. Switch positions after every sprint. Each partner will sprint 4 times
3 rounds
P1 250m row
P2 holds 2 kettle-bells in the rack position 55/35
each partner will row 3 times, cannot start row until P2 has kettle-bell in rack position. P1 must stop rowing if P2 drops the kettle-bell
Cooldown-100 partner slap fives
both partners will be in the plank position an arms distance away and facing each other. They will then alternate slapping hands while staying in the plank position until they reach 100. Every rep counts as one.
Good luck to everyone competing tomorrow at the Slaybell Showdown! If you don’t have plans this weekend try and make it out to Houston and support the athletes competing from the Golden Triangle!


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