Lauren Plumey snatching at the 2011 North East Regional
April 19, 2012

see you at the gym……..


26 thoughts on “muuuaaahhhhahahaha”

  1. Really!!!!! On a day I’m not coming to the gym, u gotta be kidding me! I’m gonna have to find a way to get to the box! Maybe I can come at 7. Keep your fingers crossed.

  2. I think the secret is out…
    Max muscle ups- 11
    Max double unders 199 messed up my 200th one ain’t that a b
    Max HSPU 13
    Tried snatches but it wasn’t happening today. I’ll take 3 pr

  3. 435# DL. + 30# PR
    175# Snatch. +10# PR
    I attempted a 225# C&J and couldn’t get it. I did 225# at CFBC two weeks ago but just didn’t have it today.

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