Monday – 150713

Monday – 150713


1) Clean & Jerk – 3 X 2+1
2) Clean Pull – 3 X 3 DEMO


7 Rounds of:
1:30 to complete 50′ Handstand Walk
ME Double Unders with time remaining
rest :30 after each round
We’ve spent the last 4 months getting ridiculously strong.  I am so proud to see all of the PR’s that were set last week!  I look at last Monday and Thursday as the final for our last semester of lifting – Powerlifting.  Our next lifting semester will focus on Olympic lifting.  So I look at Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday as our pre-test to see where we’re starting at.
To kick off our Olympic lifting cycle we will begin with a 4 week basic program to get into the swing of things.  After that we will continue to into a program designed to take our Olympic lifting to another level!
A reminder to all, Olympic lifting is not easy to perfect.  The best lifters in the world are not only strong but have amazing technique as well.  To become great, or even just good, at Olympic weightlifting you cannot just muscle your way through the lifts.  Take a step back on weights, listen to the coaches, and check your ego at the door.  The goal here is to continually improve and if you neglect these three things you will not reach your goals.
I am very excited to see your Snatch, Clean, and Jerk  blow up over the next few months!  Have fun and lift some heavy shit with some dope people!