Monday – 150706

Monday – 150706


1) 15 min to establish a 1RM Back Squat
2) 15 min to establish a 1RM Overhead Press


9 min AMRAP of:
5 Bar Muscle Up
10 Squat Clean (165/115)
20m 1-arm Farmer Carry (70/55) – 10m each arm

What is Barbell Club?

The West Metro Barbell Club focuses on gaining competency and excelling in the Olympic and Power lifts.
To understand what the Barbell Club is all about you must first understand what CrossFit is all about.  CrossFit is constantly varied, functional motion, performed at high intensity.  The goal of CrossFit is to increase work capacity across broad time and modal domain.  More specifically, in CrossFit we want to see increases in all of the 10 General Physical Skills.
10 GPSIn CrossFit we aim to make athletes good at all of these skills but great at none of them, because to become great at any one of them you must commit extra focus to it and in turn divert attention away from another skill.
In contrast, athletes joining the Barbell Club would focus primarily on the physical skills necessary to excel in the barbell lifts, while understanding some of the other skills may suffer from neglect.
Athletes joining the West Metro Barbell Club will receive specialized programming to help them reach their strength related goals.  In addition to their specialized programming, Barbell Club athletes have access to extra coaching on Tuesday and Thursday nights.  This extra coaching focuses on technique as well as things like proper warm up and cool down, understanding their program and its purpose, and anything else the athletes feel they need to thrive on their program.

3 Types of Barbell Club Athletes

  1. Athletes whose goal is to focus entirely on either Olympic weightlifting or Powerlifting.  These athletes will likely also join the West Metro Barbell Team and compete in their respective sports.  A program for these athletes will likely not include any CrossFit.
  2. Athletes whose goal is to focus more on the barbell lifts with strength and technique as a priority, but not give up CrossFit 100%.  These athletes will still have CrossFit workouts in their program but they will not be the priority.
  3. Athletes whose goal is to improve their technical proficiency in the barbell lifts, most likely primarily in the Olympic lifts.  These athletes still want CrossFit to be their main priority but want to improve barbell technique to aid the CrossFit ability.  A program for these athletes will likely only have them coming to the coached Barbell Club classes and still CrossFitting 3-5 days each week.

Regardless of which type of Barbell Club athlete you are, our goal is to aid you in your goals.  All Barbell Club athletes have access to do their program anytime the gym is open.  Because of this, many times Barbell Club athletes will be lifting without direct coaching.  As such, to join the Barbell Club athletes must have a minimum of 3 months of CrossFit experience or work privately with a coach until ready to lift unsupervised.

For more information about Barbell Club or if you have any questions contact Coach Sol.