Minor Set Back

Its all in the details

Sure the gym looks amazing, but apparently we found out it’s not completely up to code today. Some steps needed to be added to reach a power handle outside and a piece of electrical needed to be covered. The landlord took care of that today. So hopefully, and I use the term loosely, we will have power tomorrow. But even that doesn’t mean we can conduct business just yet. There is a breaker box in the handicap bathroom….which is a no no. The landlord said the inspectors approved this bathroom in the building years ago, but for some reason they changed their minds. So…..the breaker box needs to be moved from that bathroom to another wall. Once this is done, plus a few other minor details, we will have yet another walkthrough for the okay to OPEN! Lord willing it will be soon! I’ll keep the updates coming as long as new things are happening and progress is being made. I’m doing my best to stay positive. It just gives us that much more time to get the place exactly as we want it and absolutely perfect.


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