Messing it

With the new board setup: All classes will post scoring in proper category. The next day, coach will erase categories only during the given class time (ex: Sabrina will erase the 6am class times when she gets there). This will allow all classes the same opportunity to see how others performed, regardless of which class they attend.

1 – 26 – 12

Skill:   Push jerk – find your 1-rep max

WOD:   4 Rounds:
In 60 seconds complete 10 squat jumps then max Hollow Rocks
In 60 seconds complete 100m Run then max Push-Ups
The workout will be exactly 8 minutes. There is no rest from minute to minute. Score is total number of Hollow Rocks and Push-Ups completed.
– Post loads and times to comments –


18 thoughts on “Messing it”

  1. Skill: 130# Push Jerk
    Wod: 127
    I have never done hollow rocks for time. I have the world’s slowest hollow rocks. Good wod though.

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