Max out Monday!

“Pick 4”

Pick any 4 movements off the max out board and try to PR!

 Christmas Party is this Saturday the 22 at 9pm!
We are doing a “Classy Christmas” theme. Guys wear slacks and dress shirts (optional tie), ladies wear dress or whatever it is that’s “classy” in your opinion. Colors are red, green and white. Hope to see you all there!

Holiday Hours-
23rd- Open Gym 11:00-12:30
24th and 25th- Closed
26th- Open Gym 11:00-12:30
Regular class times starting the 27th
New Years Eve- Open gym 11:30-12:00
New Years Day- Closed


13 thoughts on “Max out Monday!”

  1. I think it would be fun if we had to draw from a hat the movements. I tend to pick movements I’m good at to max out on and prob should do something I suck at. At least that way I could get better.

  2. 21 HSPU (PR)
    185# FS (Pretty weak, I think the jump to 205# was a little too big)
    295# Snatch grip DL (Never done it before)
    104 Double unders (ehh, not a PR)

  3. Can’t not come later… My sinuses and allergies blew up this weekend but I still want to give it a go.. If we don’t draw I’m thinking hspu, deadlifts, maybe snatch grip as well, ring push-ups and muscle ups… A good mix of good and not so good!

  4. Awful day today. Didn’t even get close to my 1RM on deadlift or snatch, so I left like a big cry baby. Tomorrow’s a new day!

  5. 2 muscle ups
    380# snatch grip deadlift (5# pr)
    435# deadlift (matched pr) tried 440 wasn’t happening!
    41 ring push-ups (9 off my pr)
    90# dead hang pull up…. (10# off pr)

  6. 345 snatch grip deadlift (1st try)
    22 pull ups. (1st try, but should get more)
    7:34 1mile run (1st try in a loooong time)
    5 muscle ups (2rep pr)

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