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March 28, 2012

Skill: ย 2 x 25 GHD Sit up & Back Extensions
In 30 minutes:

  • Time Trial: 1 mile run
  • rest 2min
  • with the remaining time find your one rep max Clean and Jerk


23 thoughts on “Hawaiian-ish”

  1. Awesome start to this Thurs morning w 6amers!
    Margot getting her 1 rep max to 80. Definite determination, don’t think she was going to leave until she got it. Brittany getting a PR at 95# and Gma Dixie with 35#. Good job this morning everyone!

  2. Lmao!!!! Awe!!! I love you guys and seriously miss you all like crazy!!!! I honestly brag about how amazing my friends are in TX! you a are incredibly awesome and truly one of a kind!!!

  3. Ha!!! I guess I really want it to be Thurs because I did that to Brian this morning too. I don’t think my last week of work could go by any slower.

  4. My biggest accompishment today was walking through those doors!! I HATE TO RUN but I made myself do it. 9:43 on my mile ๐Ÿ™ and I’m stuck at 125# Clean & Jerk.

  5. 10:11 on the 1 Mile run, PR by 11 seconds from 1 month ago.
    215# Max Clean & Jerk PR by 10# from 2 months ago.
    That’s 3 PR’s in 2 Days, I think it’s cause the warm weather is back!!!!

  6. No PR for me today! ๐Ÿ™
    I blame back extensions.
    6:51 mile.
    Stuck at 125 for the mean time.
    Tried 130 a billion times.

  7. GHD’s were killer…I like em though.
    We won’t talk about the mile run, but I did PR C&J…185#. Thanks Nedab for making me try one more time

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