Like a Boss

Nice work yesterday Gene and Heather!

WOD 04JAN13-
10 min of handstand work. (walks,shoulder touches, holds, kicking up onto the wall, etc)
10 min of kipping work. (kips, kipping pull ups, ring pulls, muscle ups, etc)
For time-
200m med-ball run
50 med-ball push ups (total alternating each rep)
25 med-ball V-ups
400m med-ball run
30 med-ball push ups
15 med-ball V-ups
600m med-ball run
20 med-ball push ups
10 med-ball V-ups
*med-ball V-ups- Just like a regular V-up but you will have a med-ball between your feet. Instead of just touching your hands to your feet you will transfer the med-ball from your feet to your hands. Bring the med-ball back down and touch the ground in your hands then finish the movement by transferring the ball back to your feet in the same manner. RX is keeping your feet and hands lock out during the entire movement. One rep is when the med-ball comes back to the feet and touches the ground
5th Mountain is this Sunday at noon guys! I hope to see all of you there!


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