Here are the leaderboards for the Invitational side of the SETX Invitational and Open.  People will be invited to participate based on their scores in the Open.  There will be 2 males and 2 females invited from each of the 8 gyms in the area including us and our sister gyms: CrossFit Beaumont, CrossFit Bridge City, and CrossFit Lumberton, as well as Be Challenged CrossFit, Ternion CrossFit, Golden Triangle CrossFit, and CrossFit Overtime.  After that, the remaining top 14 males and 14 females will also be invited to participate, regardless of what gym they are from.  So we are guaranteed to bring 4 athletes, but we definitely want to bring more than that!  So do your best, put everything you have into these workouts, and check these leaderboards to see how you’re doing in our local competition!





If you don’t make the invitational side, don’t worry!  You can still compete!  The SETX competition will also have a side that is open to ANYONE.  You don’t have to be a member of these 8 gyms or to have competed in the Open.  This side will not only be open to individuals, but also have a Masters division and a teams division.  Be thinking of what you want to do in case you don’t make it to the invitational part.  We want all of our members to go out there and represent CFMC!!  If you’re not sure, ask a coach and we will help you.  If you feel like you’re not ready to compete but would like to help, let one of us know and we will get you signed up as a judge or volunteer.  Let the games begin!


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