Pop quiz:  Which of these guys is the Frenchman?

8 – 4 – 11
WOD:      “Scramble”

  • Each athlete in a given class is worth 300 lbs
  • As a class, must get all of your class’s worth of weight out the doors to the 75m course corner (this can be in dumbells, kettle bells, med-balls, barbells, bumper plates, etc.[5 lb and 2.5 lbs NOT allowed]) NO MORE & NO LESS. Ex:  3 athletes show to the 5 pm class. Must get 900 lbs out the doors to the 75m course corner.
  • Once all the weight is at the corner, as a class  run 600 m backwards.
  • Once the entire class is back from the run, must bring all the weight back into the gym and place all equipment back into proper location (cannot begin until everyone is back from the run.)
  • Coaches: verify that the weight is correct while they are running. If incorrect, have them fix corrections before their jouney back into the gym.

– Scores will be total time as a class.
– Post your class, co-athletes, and times to comments –


32 thoughts on “Kool-aid!!”

  1. I think it should also be noted that we scaled up and carried 327.5# per person. We like to scale up at the 6am class.

  2. Toben just said go and then we just started grabbing and carrying stuff and he added it up as we went out the door. We really did not time to plan anything so that is why we ended up with too much weight.

  3. Nooners dropped the ball, a lot of enthusiasm, but horrible math skills. 28 something
    Stefan made us get 1200# exactly, definitely the hardest part
    Burt Sabrina Emily and DJ

  4. I would like to apologize to the nooners for not being there to do my part on the math but i was busy doing well math of all things. Stupid school. Hopefully I’ll make it to one of the afternoon classes. Only 1 more week of school and i’m free though

  5. WTF Stefan- Shawn and Martin are in law enforcement so our team was procedurally sound.
    And me- well I got everybody (but Damon bc we finished the run together) water for their home stretch.
    It was a team effort! Lol

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