Knee Jumps Anyone?

March 27, 2012

max height box jump
AMRAP in 14min

  • 3 body blaster’s
  • 10 wall ball sit-ups (20#/14#)

*Body Blaster – Under the pull up bar, do a burpee, then jump up and do a pull up, go back to dead hang position and perform one toes to bar.
For a cool down practice getting some knee jumps in.


30 thoughts on “Knee Jumps Anyone?”

  1. Box Jump: 46″
    Still working on that knees-parallel-to-ears thing…
    WOD: 6 rounds rx (on the tall bar)
    Body Blasters are my new favorite movement. Now if I could only do efficient pull-ups and T2B… lawl

  2. Good job Casey!! Casey fell on the sword for me by taking the high bar and letting me use to lower bar.
    WOD: 11 rounds rx
    I agree Body Blaster are my new favorite
    Many thanks to Sabrina for helping learn to Kip!!

  3. I think it’s possible that I am more stoked than Mark or Casey with their kipping!! If you were at 6ams you would understand! You all did a great job this morning, very very little resting going on! I’m on a mission!!!! lol

  4. DJ, thanks for coming and hanging out with the lunch crew!!
    Skill: 34 1/2 inch max. Thats a 1 inch pr for me.
    WOD: 7 RDS rx I was a half a sit up from 8 rds. Just one of those things to make you try harder next time!!

  5. Skill: 35 1/2…that’s a 5 1/2 inch PR!
    WOD: 7 RDS…The first time I did the pull ups without any bands. Come a long way from 10 months ago where I was using 2 green bands. Thanks CF family!!

  6. Awesome workout…
    Skill : 24″ (I have only used 4 45# weights before so I was thrilled)
    WOD : 10 rounds (green band on pullups, knees to chest, and 6# WB)

  7. MARTIN!!!!! I did not see your post earlier, that is awesome! Brian….geez 54 is up there!! High five. Sounds like everyone had a pretty decent day!!!!!

  8. Your right D.J. soon enough it will all come together. Thanks Sabrina….it makes all those early mornings worth it lol

  9. Just checked my book and that’s a 3.25″ PR
    Did some knee jumps when I got home. Oddly fun. Now to add the bar and maybe one day come close to Brian’s PR haha

  10. Props to christine for not only jumping and scrappin her right shin on the box once, (leaving an indention) but got up there and did it again.
    Shins are precious…!
    You’ll get it next time!

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