Just one more day

12 – 7 – 11

Skill:       2K row time trial

  • While not rowing, you’re completing 5 x 5 HSPU

WOD:     3 rounds:

  • 30 box jumps (24/20)
  • 30 push ups
  • 30 goblet squats (55/35)

– Post loads and times to comments –


27 thoughts on “Just one more day”

      1. 2000 meters, 2 kilometers, 78740.2 inches, 6561.7 feet, or 1.24 miles.
        It’s a hella long way to row no matter how you look at it

  1. 7:03 Row
    I thought I was pacing to break 7 minutes, but I can not do math very well I guess. I am starting to like rowing.

      1. Last time I did this I felt horrible after finishing, but this time I did not feel near as bad. I think the trick is just pacing yourself at something you can handle for 2000m.
        I want to do it again now that I know what it would take to break 7:00. I held it at 1:45 pace I thought the entire time. Next time I will have to hold it at 1:44 pace.

  2. SKILL
    no row due to lower back
    1st set RX
    2nd/3rd set with 45# plates and no pad
    4th/5th set with 45# and 25# plates and no pad
    WOD 14:10 RX

  3. Well I can do a handstand now… still not very comfortable with it.
    Row 9:04
    WOD: 20:54? RX
    Horrible timing, pushups i think are coming along though!

  4. 8:48 row (have a mentioned I hate rowing?)
    HSPU: 5 RX, 5 25# Plate, 5 2-25# plates with ab mat (2 sets), 3 3-25# plates with ab mat
    15:58 on the WOD (35# KB)
    Wrist didn’t like the 55# KB

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