Just go with it

Virtuosity: Doing the common uncommonly well


9 – 16 – 11

Skill:     For time:

  • 150 m walking lunges

WOD:    AMRAP in 7:

  • 10 medball situps (20/14)
  • 75 m run

– All athletes will set up for there medball sit ups along the back wall (with the whiteboard)

– Target is just above eye level

– Post loads and times to comments –

“Virtuosity: Doing the common uncommonly well.” We as CrossFitters hold ourselves to a higher standard than anyone else. We make sure that our reps are all accounted for and that the full range of motion is met EVERY TIME. This is what “virtuosity” means. It is not just a word we throw around because it’s a traditional CrossFit term. This is our level of excellence. When we workout, with or without someone watching, we meet these standards, because we are CrossFit.


17 thoughts on “Just go with it”

  1. Well Said Stefan!!
    Really enjoyed the 6am class. Can’t wait to see the picture of our caterpillar pushups 🙂
    Wod: 6 3/4 rounds RX
    Cool down: 29 burpees for Sabrina’s birthday.. Happy Birthday girl!

  2. Virtuosity, that’s so righteous.
    Skill: 3:34
    WOD: 6 rounds (RX) really exposed some weakness in my shoulders when the medball was overhead

  3. Forgot to say the last 2 rounds without the vest, kept having to tighten it and it got annoying. Wish I woulda kept it on now that I’m done ded going to do this one again

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