Just a bit more for the legs ;-)

 The look of a man determined to do something. I think in this case it’s deadlifts … I could be wrong …

9 – 29 – 11
WOD:      10!

  • toes to bar
  • push ups
  • air squats

Cash Out:      AMRAP in 10 w/ partner:

  • 200 m row
  • switch every 200 m

– Post scaling and times to comments –
Just a few more squats for those who feel like I’ve given you too much
– Casey I am not calling you out with this picture. Just happens to be the picture of the day. Thought I’d clarify.


36 thoughts on “Just a bit more for the legs ;-)”

  1. El sucko on toes t bar but I did them…11:48 RX!
    Can’t get a good rhythm
    And a great race with the row. Jeremy, you almost had me!

  2. I was just being nice Stephanie. 🙂
    That was a great race. I had a hard time walking for about 15 minutes after it was over.
    7:20 +25# – My shoulder is killing me. I think I am laying off arm stuff for awhile.

  3. 7:16 (K2C – bar)
    The race was fun. I compare the sprint-to-the-finish of Stephanie outrunning Jeremy, as the Snow Monster from SkiFree. 🙂

    1. I don’t know what that game is lol. I don’t know if that is a compliment or not either.
      And jeremy, I’m not a good rower, I just didn’t want you to beat me on the last minute lol. I was at 145ish range

  4. I used to love that game Casey. The race was going back and forth the whole time. Stephanie is a good rower. I was rowing at 1:30 and could not catch her.

  5. 9:28 with a 20# vest. Should not have had my back turned to everybody and the clock def coulda pushed it a bit harder oh well
    Blake is a beast on the rower

        1. We are going to have to start stepping up our game a little more in the a.m. if we are going to be setting the standard. It is always fun when you can make the workouts a little more challenging.

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