is that guy dead?


12 Min to establish a 2RM Snatch Balance
Bar starts behind the neck in the jumping position.
Pop the bar off your shoulders and drop into a full overhead squat.
8 minute AMRAP of:
7 OHS 115/75#
14 T2B
21 KBS 55/35


25 thoughts on “is that guy dead?”

  1. Y’all might as well get use to the squats. Its gonna be 6 long weeks. But from everything I read, its gonna be totally worth it.

  2. Have a question about the Snatch Balance?? If you get under it before you hit the bottom of your squat is it a good rep? Or do you have to be at the very bottom of the squat for the rep to count?

    1. the goal is technique, as long as you are getting under the bar as fast as you can the rep counts, A snatch balance max is something that wont go on the board but it should be a little less than your OHS max and a little more than your snatch max

  3. don’t know if this is right but if you get under it before the bottom of your squat would mean your pressing it up some therefore it wouldn’t be RX’d i could be very wrong on that though

  4. 28:30 something. Video verification will be up later upon request! I had to do two more after watching it. AND I DID! Paced myself and somewhat lowered myself down bc I didn’t want to get that wheezing coughing awfulness like after 12.1. Actually not as bad as I thought it was going to be. We will see if my body says otherwise later.

  5. I did 4 rounds of the movements rather than the 8 min amrap…and for good reason. It took me 15:07 to do 4 rounds. Definitely feeling defeated today. Wanted to give up. Maybe next week will be better.

  6. I did the Crossfit Total today since I can’t make it Saturday.
    Deadlift- 405 lbs (+10 pr)
    Press- 125 lbs
    Squat- 245 lbs (-30 last max)
    Total- 775 lbs
    I’m gonna try it again next week & I WILL get over 800 lbs!

  7. Did a different wod due to wrist:
    8 min AMRAP
    5 Back Squats 115#
    10 T2R
    15 KB Swings 45#
    3 Rds + 3 bs

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