I'm Feeling LUCKY!!!

April 13, 2012


  • 1000m row
  • 50 thrusters (45#/30#)
  • 30 pull ups


11 thoughts on “I'm Feeling LUCKY!!!”

  1. Just seems dirty to put thrusters the day after strict press and heavy front squats, will be interesting to see if a pr will happen being this sore!

  2. Garrett, I did 105 for 5 sets of 8….
    WOD … Jackie… 8:09 (30 sec pr)
    Missed Alan’s time by 1 sec and Stefan by only 15… It’s on now!

  3. WOD: 14:28 (purple band) Got my row done in just under 4:00, then everything went to crap. (Pullups will be the death of me)
    Cooldown: 16 Tire flip Hop-throughs in 1min

  4. I agree with you Casey, the pull-ups get me every time. I feel like I start off strong then it goes down hill. They piss me off!!!!

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