I wanna go crazy!

Proof that size really doesn’t matter


10 – 13 – 11

Skill:     Max effort in 2 minutes:

  • Toes to bar

WOD:     AMRAP in 6:

  • Hand release push ups
  • Front squats (135/95)

– Will alternate movements every minute, keeping a running total of all reps

– Score = total reps of all HRPUs and FSs

  • min. 1: push ups
  • min. 2: fs
  • min. 3: push ups etc. for 6 minutes

– Post loads and scores to comments –


26 thoughts on “I wanna go crazy!”

  1. I made it this morning! Woo hoo! 31 max Ttb and 100 reps on the WOD. But I scaled down to 50# fs’s to work on my form. I will get better at weighted squats! 🙂 my day is already better!

  2. Skill- 40 T2B
    WOD- 111 (95#)
    Pleasantly surprised with my squats. I know 95# isnt a lot, but my squats have come a long way in the past few months.

  3. skill- 30 bandage=no grip
    WOD- 81 two of my weakest areas, coming back at 5 to work on front squats and maybe some tabata push ups

  4. I tried to do max pull ups… But my new coach Sabrina killed my arms today 😉 I love her! Anyway, with sucky arms after class I got 19 max pull ups.. I will do it again soon

    1. You call that sucky? You beat me and Sabrina, so it equals nonsucky status.
      But on the other note I was suck when I did mine, and coach did kill our arms. Iit got the best of me today lol

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