Hungry for more

Hey guys let’s add to this anytime we’re at Freebird’s in Mid-County! It’s located on the far wall by the drink machine. You can add KBs, DBs, people doing push ups, ect!


9 – 13 – 11

Skill:     Press 5 – 5 – 3 – 3 – 1

WOD:     9 – 15 – 21

  • Front squats (135/95)
  • KB swings (55/35)

– Post press loads, WOD loads and times to comments –


26 thoughts on “Hungry for more”

    1. Jason I think you have a mental block on the front squats
      I’ve seen you do a 200lb+ backsquat so you definitely have the strength
      Just clear your head and beast it!

  1. We would do front squats on the day I have to take off. Roy and Angie beat me up pretty bad, but I may have to come and suffer through.

  2. I’d rather do Angie agin than this one! 145# press, 13:24 on the WOD RX! And I have to agree with Nathan… My back was done after this one… Not lovin’ the front squats right now, but the re-fueling at BWW with Stefan after def. helped!

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