Yeah, I said it

March 13, 2012

“Tabata Nedab”

  • row
  • box jumps (30″/24″)
  • kb swings (70#/55#)
  • wall balls (20#/14#)
  • double unders
one minute rest between tabatas



15 thoughts on “Yeah, I said it”

  1. Its not that I’m full of myself, it’s just my birthday. And if Neal can name his own wod than so can I!! Lol

  2. Goodmorning Tabata Nedab!!!
    Row 72 m,
    box jumps 7,
    kb swings 6
    Wall balls 7
    Dus 15, had 21 for six rnds then got tangled arrrrggg
    I loved this wod, but it was rough! Glad I started on box jumps. Happy Birthday Brian I love you and you better KILL this wod!!!!!! Don’t forget those ton of burpees ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Happy Birthday, Brian.
    We’ve got a pretty epic selection of “The Faces of Brian” to make a really nice mural on the wall of CF Steadfast. Today is “Uncertain Brian”

  4. Row: 79
    Wall Balls: 6 rx
    KB Swings: 5 rx
    Box Jumps: 6 rx
    Du’s: 12 rx
    Got tangled up right at the start of DU’s grrrr!!! I think I could of done more but oh well! Maybe next birthday!!

  5. im not enough of a big boy to play with the 70# KB yet! if you see me with it slap me, started with KB tabata and it just about ruined for the rest of the w/o for me.good workout just poor weight. happy birthday Brian.:-)

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