10 – 24 – 11

WOD:      “Pick 5”

  • Pick any 5 of the skills on the new board to complete
  • Scores do not count unless a coach is watching and verifies

– Post loads and times to comments –


57 thoughts on “Heyooo!!”

    1. casey, they made a new board with “max” movements, runs and rows for time to start recording the top5 in each one… so tomorrow is a free for all! lets set some benchmarks to beat!

      1. Lots of fun this morning. We should do a Max Effort Monday once a month or two, just to get through all the movements/lifts. I wanted to do more! Great job by the 6am-ers, setting lots of PRs.
        Broad Jump 98 5/8″
        Max Box Jump 48″ (PR + 3.5″)
        Clean and Jerk (185# (PR + 35#)
        Deadlift 300# (PR + 35#)
        400m 1:34:07 (Not even close to PR, lol)

  1. Max Clean: 105#, Max Deadlift 225#
    I went for a back squat after that, but my back was done. That’s all I got done today. Gonna try and get some others in throughout the week. Huge class at 11!

  2. so much fun today
    10 bar muscle ups
    94 1/4″ broad jump
    355# deadlift
    8 HSPUs
    6:11 mile run
    dissapointed in my deadlift and HSPU because i’ve done more before but i’ll take it

      1. Thanks. That’s my only possiblity to be on the board! Maybe they’ll put some flexability moves up there like v-set reach to let us sissys feel tough!

  3. Cant wait for tonight..ll some pretty awesome numbers today… Since I was thinking about deadlifts, Pullups and Turkish get ups to start….. Not sure of other 2 yet…. See y’all at 7

  4. 190# DL
    80# Snatch
    23 pull ups
    80″ broad jump
    1 MU lol
    19 du’s but I can def do better
    WTG everybody! That board was messy by 7 lol

  5. MAX…
    6:51 Mile (32 sec PR)
    235# Deadlift (10# PR)
    115# Clean
    22″ Vertical Jump
    Overall, pretty awesome day, I must say!

  6. Ok. I’ll admit it.
    Today’s pick 5 had the same result as when I play the lotto,
    totally excited to pick the winner then throw stuff around when I choke.

  7. 405# deadlift (pr)
    1000m row 3:42.1 (pr)
    31 pull ups (pr)
    42 ring push ups (pr)
    75# barbell Turkish get up. (no pr.. Done 95# before… Booooo)
    Fun day for sure!

  8. He has been up there a long time deciphering the board and posting everyone’s accomplishments, that’s probably why no WOD yet

  9. Ha yea guys board was pretty chaotic, but I got everything up! Double check me to be sure, but GREAT WORK to everyone today!! Lots of PRs and lots of hard work!

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