hey hey hey goodbye

April 25, 2012

1 round for max reps
400m run

  • Cleans (135#/95#)
  • sit ups
  • kb swings (55#/35)
  • wall balls (20#/14#)
  • box jumps (24″/20″)
  • pull ups

Todays WOD is a partner WOD. P1 will run 400m as P2 performs cleans then P2 runs and P1 cleans.  Partners will then go to the next movement.  Each movement will be performed for MAX REPS.


44 thoughts on “hey hey hey goodbye”

  1. I had to cut it short this morning, time got me, damn job. Anyone wondering. This wod is real. Lol. Any way half the wod =175 reps.

  2. Great WOD.. 1 round.. 220 reps with 95# cleans
    Gonna miss you Brian and Sabrina .. Thanks for all your help this past year!

  3. AWESOME WOD! a serious gut-check after the kb swings
    316 reps rx partnered with Zach, seems i was chasing Jason the whole time until his “emergency break”

  4. Great WOD!! It was very tough though. Gut check is no lie. 245 reps rx. Partnered with Sags. Thank God she likes to run because those wall balls and kb swings are the devil!!!

    knocked out the cleans and situps with ease. On the way back the 400m, the bubble guts began to rumble. So I booked it straight to the men’s room. 3 minutes and a clogged toilet later. I was able to knock out 14 wall balls and continue on my merry way……a few pounds lighter.
    213 RX and a break

  6. Who’s going to Savannah for the grand opening???? I’ll be there and I want to see everyone! I miss you guys!!! And Alan I think you’re getting funnier with your old age and Jason…. Really dude… I remember my first time crossfitting…

  7. That was a hell of a WOD!!! Martin and I finished it in a not so speedy 49:?? Minutes….I finished with a score or 208 reps! RX Cleans, Situps, Wall Balls, and Pull-Ups. Scaled to a 45# KB and 20″ box for the jumps. Not too impressive but I did it.
    I woul also like to bid a farewell to Brian and Sabrina!! You two are some of the best people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing!!!!! The two of you have helped me more over the last year than anyone could imagine!! Good luck with Crossfit Steadfast, I know great things will happen for you guys!!!!

  8. Gonna miss you guys a lot!! I’ve been going everyday this week at 6 am for Sabrina’s last week because she was my first coach at crossfit and I’m gonna miss her. Bye Brian and Sabrina!!

  9. I think I laughed and cried…laughed and cried again while reading these posts. I couldn’t imagine this past year without any of you! As a coach watching everyone’s improvements has been incredibly amazing. I thank God often for CrossFit, and all the great ppl I have come into counter w through it. I have also learned something from each and every one of you. I hope that ALL of you can at some point make it out to Savannah!!!! We will miss you all so much.
    Annnnndddd about our WOD……….
    It was hard.
    Brian and I were partners. I got 240 reps RX oh except push ups instead of pull ups. Brian got 309. It was fun!!!

  10. Brian .. You always push me when we hit it together! U make some fun WOD’s… Sabrina your a great motivator!
    You both are solid people who will be greatly missed!

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