Heavier is better

Facebook caption: “Taken 1-2 weeks ago.. wont post any new pictures until about 1 week out from the comp.. I never knew contest dieting/training was so hard.. easily the hardest sport ever!”

Yo, dude, what’s your Fran time?


Skill:     Deadlift   5 – 5 – 3 – 3 – 1

  • increase weight each set

WOD:       “Heavy Cindy”

AMRAP in 20:

  • 5 deadhang pull ups
  • 10 HR push ups
  • 15 back squats (135/95)

– back squats are from the ground up

– Post loads and times to comments –


34 thoughts on “Heavier is better”

  1. skill- 135, 225, 285, 315, 365, couldn’t quite lock out 385, it was pretty close though
    WOD- 7 rounds + pullups and 7 push ups (115# 4 rounds, 95# last three)
    the only thing i remember about this WOD is the back squats…

  2. 370# deadlift (5# pr, been trying since may to top it)
    6 rounds at 95#
    Back was a limiting factor for sure
    As for “heavy” Cindy, big girls need love too…

  3. 7 rounds 115# didn’t max out on deadlifts. Figured I’d save the torture on my back for the wod and yes my back hates me right now. Stupid heavy Cindy… I think I’d much rather hook up with her sister!

    1. PRs are so freakin awesome to see! Especially when we’re on a heavy 1 rep day as opposed to a max effort.
      And once again, Sabrina did a great job today at 11!

  4. Heather! Way to go on the deadlifts! Yours gonna be back and were you want to be sooner than you think! I think! Lol good job!

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