Harder than I thought

2 – 14 – 12
Skill:   75m sled pull sprints x3 (90/45)
WOD:    4 rounds w/ partner:
P1 – 1000 m row

  • 1 C&J (185/115)
  • 5 bar-facing burpees
  • 10 KB swings (55/35)

– Score = total time & total number rounds completed by both partners
– Each partner will row twice. If P2 is in the middle of one round while P1 gets off the rower, P1 will pick up wherever P2 left off.
– Post loads and times to comments –


21 thoughts on “Harder than I thought”

  1. Nathan: I’m wondering the same thing?
    18:46 rx with dj.
    With 12 COMPLETED rounds.
    Not a very great partner but it was a good wod.

  2. Nathan- I was getting really bad headaches for days at a time for a while. I asked Neal about it. He told me to research Internal Rotation headaches…maybe you should look into the same thing.

    1. That’s a new one by me. My exertional headaches (for two weeks, only occurring during workouts) were being caused by a neck strain, for which I found the right stretches on MobilityWod and got fixed up pretty quick… Don’t take the headaches lightly though.
      Get well soon.

  3. Mobilitywod.com is definitely a good place to research for this. Mine were happening when I started to strain…anything overhead. It was miserable. I hope you get better soon Nathan.

  4. I would like to thank Miranda for all her hard work today. If it wasn’t for her we wouldn’t have gotten that many rounds. Way to hustle!!

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