Hard To Concentrate

April 10, 2012

Clean & Jerk  5 x 8 at 55-60% of your max (all sets will be touch and go, and unbroken)
AsManyRoundsAsPossible in 10 minutes

  • 7 db thrusters (45#/30#)
  • 7 db dead lift (45#/30#)

*look how quick the hip extension is in the clean and how low he receives the bar!!!


9 thoughts on “Hard To Concentrate”

  1. Guess who left their clothes at home??? This girl! And my boys have a game this evening so I guess I’ll be doing this at home.

  2. if i remember right i did 7 rnds rx
    for the skill i did 95 95 115 115 135 but couldnt do touch and go had to drop at top reset then lift

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