Hard set

Have you set any goals for this year? Any PR’s you want to set? Maybe hit a goal weight?

2 – 7 – 12

Skill:      Death by cleans (185/115)

Bridge:    Tabata pistols

WOD:    “Diane”

21 – 15 – 9

  • deadlifts (225/135)
  • HSPU

– Post loads and times to comments –
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24 thoughts on “Hard set”

  1. Goals for before I move in May:
    1. 300 lb back squat
    2. 400 lb deadlift
    3. 225 lb clean and jerk
    4. Sub 4 min Grace
    5. Sub 7 min mile
    I think they’re all do able by then

  2. so at the 11am monday, Lauren was doing a pistol on top of a dumbell and i told her to watch out, b/c your going to give Stefan ideas……… so a pistol bridge comes our way… SO yes Lauren.. I blame you for this! HA

  3. I had a goal of being able to clean 125 before the end of the year , but I have already met that goal! And it’s only Feb. So I’ll say my goals for this year are to clean 155, front squat 175 and get my mile run down to at least 7 mins! If anyone knows me, I hate to run so that’s a big deal and one of my weakness. I would also like to see my times improve across the board on everything.

  4. As soon as I saw the pistol tabata I thought of you Jason. Lol. Sorry bout that! But I’m glad we’re going to work on them today.
    My goal is basically just to improve ad much as I have in one year…in the next. Specifically, to have more endurance and stamina than I’ve been able to have so far. And double unders!

  5. Let’s see, a few goals of mine would be…
    1) 185 BS
    2) Clean up my body weight.
    3) A free standing handstand
    4) BUTTERFLY pull ups!!
    5) and overall improvement with each skill, my endurance, and confidence!
    Humm that about sums it up…right now!

  6. I think we need another huge white board to write our goals on and be able to cross them off as we meet them! Keep them all right in our face!

  7. main goal: Beat Jermey Franks in numerous wods not all but a few and if i do that ive met all the other goals
    i went to the 6am class and i did all the movements

  8. My new goal is to not let DJ beat me in any WOD. I am going to make it hard on you DJ.
    My goals are 5:25 mile, 19:00 5k, and 200 double unders in a row.

  9. Skill- 8 rounds 160#
    pistols are…. humbling
    DNF on the WOD, tried to RX, got stuck on the 10th HSPU of the 15 round, finished the round just not the last round of 9. Now I’m wishing I woulda went for it.
    bodyweight snatch
    sub 4 min Fran
    and to touch my damn toes when stretching

  10. Skill: 9 rounds at 95#
    Wod: 5:52 (135# DL, 2 mat HSPU)
    I keep saying I’m going to go to 1 mat on my HSPU then go to 2 when it gets hard. Have a hard time figuring out the best way to scale these. The bands scare me. I don’t know.

  11. Skill: 12 cleans (95#) and a bruised thigh.
    Thanks Stefan for not letting me stop.
    Skill took a lot out of me.
    Wod: 10:48 (24″ box)
    I got the first 5 hspu with 2 mats. Fail!

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