Gulf Coast Tea



9 – 19 – 11

Skill:     1-armed Snatch

  • Find heavy 1 rep

WOD:     AMRAP in 7:

  • 400 m run buy-in
  • 10 DUs
  • 5 pull ups

– Only full rounds count

– Post loads, scaling and times to comments –





25 thoughts on “Gulf Coast Tea”

    1. They said it was kettlebell this morning. The heaviest we have though is 70# so that will probably be the max for a lot of people.

  1. 95# one arm snatch
    6 rounds 3X singles.
    Started off with doubles but realized that I need to switch after 1 round took over a minute. :-/

  2. 95# one arm barbell snatch (I think I got the 1arm better than the reg one from last week)… 8 rds and 30 singles… 10 more sec and I wouldve made 9!!! Ugh!

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