Good morning


10 – 18 – 11
Skill:      100 hand release push ups w/ partner for time:

  • P1 completes AMRepsAP while P2 holds BB (225#/135#) at top of deadlift
  • switch everytime BB is dropped
  • keep 1 running count of reps

WOD:     AMRAP in 15:

  • 2 muscle ups
  • 4 deadlift (225/135)
  • 8 KB swings (70/55)

– sub muscle ups for 3 pull ups and 3 ring dips per muscle up
– Post loads and times to comments –


39 thoughts on “Good morning”

  1. Dang it heather!! I wanted to make a special running WOD for your first day back! Oh well, I’ll just have to make it double hard later for ya. Can’t wait to see yo face!!

  2. I guess the picture means Alan will have to be my partner (he is going to be doing alot of pushups and/or holding 225# for a VERY long time) just kidding!
    Welcome back Heather! Your box has missed you 🙂

  3. 7 rounds (45# KB, RX deadlift, purple pullups and red dips)
    In the words of Jason Johnstone: “That right there was a workout”.

  4. A shoutout from the Mean Mugger herself, my day is complete!
    7 rounds (PU/RD sub)
    I have only done 225 on dead lift once. I am stoked that I was able to do 7 sets of 4 at 225#. Its gonna hurt tomorrow, but who the hell cares, I freakin did it!

    1. Ha ha that is just my max lol could maybe do it twice and that’s all.
      Don’t feel too bad jason lol
      Miranda, I got one ring dip, just one! Lol

      1. Vick, how long have you been coming? I think you’re on a pretty good pace, keep up all the hard work and you’ll master everything.

  5. Hahahaha! Jason, I’m messin with you! That’s her one rep max… Not her 7×4 great job!
    Vick, keep practicing, you will get it. Patience my child. 😉

  6. 7 Rds (Pull ups and Purple RD)
    Did the first 3 rounds RX KB, everything said hell no after that so I went down to 45.
    Skill: Me and Sabrina 4:10 (purple band/135#)

  7. 4:10 on the skill. And 7 rds … I got 1 muscle up then did the rest of the WOD with RX pull ups and red ban for dips with RX weights Fun WOD!

  8. 9 rds. 1 rx rest 2 MUs, 4 30″ box jumps and 8 Push Press at 65#.
    My back started hurting so I stopped before it got worse.

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