Get outa here!!

Sunday Funday


9 – 22 – 11

Skill:     Max effort in 2:

  • DB Push Press (45/30)

WOD:     AMRAP in 9:

  • 5 burpees
  • 10 mountain climbers
  • 15 russian twists

– Post scores, loads and times to comments –


19 thoughts on “Get outa here!!”

  1. since i see you guys posting paleo stuff all the time. and since i am 3 days in and tired of the same stuff already….
    what are some “simple” good recipes, ideas, meals that yall like for a lunch/dinner
    keep in mind im no bueno at cooking

      1. Salads and smoothies it is, then. lol
        Cooking skill is pretty much a pre-req for Paleo, but I’m sure Brittany has some 10-15 min wonder-recipes.

  2. Wes Lauren is the queen of mean muggin bro. The shirt shouldve said no this is my nice face! I have no idea how many rounds I did on the wod today. But it was fun. High 5 to Sabrina for an awesome class. Shes gonna be a pretty damn good coach!

  3. I love how this thread became less about todays wod an more about Lauren “mean muggin” Clausen.
    Ftr – she is usually all smiles at work. It’s only at crossfit and the hour or so after that she is a mean mugging mofo.

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