For real?!

Or just buy gloves, seems a lot easier to me

Skill- Push Jerk: 8-6-4-2
increase weight each set, focus on speed under the bar
WOD- 100 burpee pullups for time
use the momentum from the jump on the burpee to complete the pull up. Bar ideally should be 6-8 inches above your reach. Scale down from there.
Pub run 4.0 is this Saturday!! Remember if you want to participate a small toy donation is required.
If you cannot attend the Pub Run on December 8 but would like to donate to Toys For Tots you can bring your gift to CFMC anytime from now until December 8 and we will bring it to the pick-up location. If you plan on attending the Pub Run please bring your gift that evening as we will have a representative from Toys For Tots to pick them all up.


12 thoughts on “For real?!”

  1. 185# jerk x2 that’s my PR twice
    19:03 on the WOD. Tall bar for the pull-ups, turns out that’s the worst decision I have ever made in my life.

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