Back Squat: 1X6 @ 70%, 1X6 @ 80%, 1X3 @ 90%, 1X2 @ 95% โ€“ rest 2 min. between each set.
4 Rounds for Time:
200m Pinch Grip Plate Carry 25/10 (each hand)
15 Pullups
20 Pushups
30 AbMat Situps


16 thoughts on “fly”

  1. Skill: went by % of 165
    115 135 150 160.
    I think I can max out on these…
    Wod: finger pinch grip…ain’t no joke!
    23:36 rx. Didn’t have it in me today

  2. i did like the wod but my fingers hurt like hell.
    wod 23:21 2rnds rx + dh pullups and 2rnd without pinch grip + dh pull ups
    harris how did you hold on to the weights i was sweating so bad the weights would just slide out the pinch grip

    1. I guess from all the physical wk I do… I just wiped my hands and tried to go as fast as I cold and it almost came to mind over matter… I wold set small goals like get 1/2 way w/o dropping or at least to the 100 mark etc. I think some tried to chalk but I don’t know if it helped……..
      Or it’s the difference between the men and the boys! Ha ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. 29:00. 1 round with the 25# plates then wend to the 10#, blue band pull-ups.. This sucked!!!!!!!! i could not hold on to the plates withoutthem sliding out of my hands. Gloves, maybe??

  4. I had a REALLY hard time doing math today. I think on the back squats I did like 95, 125, 140 and 150?
    Wod: 23:51 3 rounds instead of 4….realized after the wod I never did the last round of situps :/

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