5X3 Clean (full squat) & Jerk @ 70-80% – rest 90 sec.
Notes: Begin at 70% and increase to 80% throughout sets if technique is perfect. DO NOT go past 80% and do not add to 70% if technique is not perfect. These should not be touch and go. Reset before each rep.
20-30 minutes to establish a 1RM Back Squat.
CFMC had an awesome showing at the Golden Triangle Games this weekend! Congratulations Steph and Stefan on your 3rd place finish in the standard divison and to Julie for your 2nd place finish in the scaled division! Honorable mention to Alika, Drew and  Casey for competing as well, those workouts were tough and you guys gave it all you had, keep your head high, keep training and next year you can grab a spot on that podium!


13 thoughts on “Flexin'”

  1. SKILL-135,135,145,155,145
    my jerk almost made an appearance……almost.
    Ran out of time for the back squat. I’ll try and get back this evening.

  2. Squat clean and jerk- 135-145-155-145-135
    Came back and did 2-2-2-2-2 skin the cat and EMOM (bar muscle up, 2 bar dips)x2 got through 11 min
    No BS PR for me today

  3. 95×3, 105×2 skill
    BS 190 (25# pr)
    Actually extremely happy about it.
    Tried 200…didn’t happen! Lol

  4. Thanks Jason…I’m really enjoying this training cycle we are in and it has helped me out tremendously! Hopefully I can now start to somewhat keep up with you! lol
    Great Job on the PR Steph…

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