Flawless Victory

No words........
April 5, 2012


100 Hollow Rocks for time


“Buddy Battle”

  • 5rds Overhead Squats (95#/65#); Rest 2 minutes after each round

*This a partner WOD, partners will “battle” for MAX reps.  Highest rep count of each round wins, loser will do 15 burpees during each break.*


7 thoughts on “Flawless Victory”

  1. Skill: 4:30
    That got harder a lot quicker then expected.
    WOD: partnered with Brittany
    7-17-20-20-21 for a total of 85 RX
    Definitely sandbagged the first round, should have done more.

  2. Really??? Ok Nedab! I see how it’s gonna be. UNBELIEVABLE!! I guess you had to search far and wide to find that pic…gotta love facebook! Glad I could make everybody smile for the day!!!

  3. Skill- 4:25 a lot harder than i thought, tried to get the first 50 unbroken, made it to 31
    WOD- 17,12,14,12,11 (65#) now that i can get low enough in the squat the problem is keeping the weight locked out overhead, theres always something.
    Thats a stout mile time DJ, great job

  4. Great job on the mile DJ!! Skill I lost count on so just put me in at a DNF. Did yesterdays WOD with DU’s and push ups, 17:45. Dropped to my knees on push ups.

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