First they're sour; then they're sweet

6 – 29 – 11
WOD:       Max efforts in 2 minutes:

  • row
  • double/single unders
  • tire flips
  • KB swings
  • sit ups

– rest 1 minute between efforts
– Post loads and scores to comments –


10 thoughts on “First they're sour; then they're sweet”

  1. Let’s put the top ten in normal terms
    1. Being able to breathe during workouts
    2. Being able to finish a workout
    3. Being able to throw weights around like a BA
    4. Touching your toes!
    5. Throwing heavy weight around quickly
    6. Finishing a WOD quickly
    7. Not hitting one self with previously mention weight
    8. Minimizing breaks between movements
    9. Not falling over during a WOD
    10. Used to throw things at coaches after hard WODs
    (I’m bored if you all can’t tell haha)

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