Featured Athlete: Tisa Guidry

My name is Tisa Guidry. I’m 40 years old, married and have two boys (15&10). I’ve been doing crossfit for 5 years now, I’m a member of the crazy lunch bunch. If you hear someone scream “wait! I have to pee right before the workout starts, it’s me..” I still get so nervous when the clock starts!! Lol What I love most about Crossfit is that i am now strong enough to carry all of my grocery bags in my house in one trip lol!!! If I had to carry both my boys at the same time, I could do it!!! Best of all I’ve met some of the greatest people, who I will forever call my friends. They keep me accountable, determined, motivated, and sane. I have found that “CrossFit” is stereotyped as being too competitive and difficult and that is why a lot of people turn away from it. I find it as a competition within myself to be the healthiest I can be for me and my family.


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