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Featured Athlete: Terrance Thomas

“Learning to enjoy the journey not the destination”, is the perfect way to sum up my CrossFit experience. Being an athlete all my life, everything came easy and that gave me a new appreciation for the challenge of CrossFit. Hello, I’m Terrance. I was going to a traditional gym doing the casual workout and something was stirring inside me. I had been out of seriouscompetitive team sports for a couple of years. I transitioned intothe casual intermural flag football, basketball or softball. I was in decent shape or good for my understanding at the time. Clueless!! But I felt like I had to do something. What exactly, I wasn’t sure. It was hard to figure out what it was, but I waslonging for competition, camaraderie, and a challenge. I was getting restless, and I didn’t even know why at the time or what to do about it. But when you know, you know! Then one day I was watching ESPN and a commercial about CrossFit came on.I said to myself,” What was that?”. When you know, you know!It instantly intrigued me, so I immediately decided to investigate. I looked up the websites for all the gyms in the area,called a few and decided to go check one out. First step in I was greeted by a coach and looked around and saw a variety of people huffing, puffing and sweating and said I need to try this. I scheduled an assessment and went in for the baseline. Eventhough I played sports all my life and lifted weights I signed up for beginner classes and my CrossFit journey began.

Throughout my CrossFit journey I have had many wonderful experiences. I‘ve visited a variety of gyms across the United States. I’ve even been to gyms in Central and South America. CrossFit gyms in general usually have some things incommon that are added bonuses to a great and challenging workout. The people… Unlike the traditional gyms, CrossFit gyms have a wonderful combination of people with camaraderieand fellowship. Throughout the 3 years in total of my CrossFit journey I can say that I am grateful for all the experiences I have had and will continue to have. I am extremely happy to call CrossFit Mid-County my home gym. They are the perfect example of why CrossFit is for everyone no matter the fitness level. CrossFit in general can scale any movement to accommodate everyone. The coaches are positive, encouraging also knowledgeable and attentive. The facility is always clean and has good working equipment. I enjoy every gym I drop in or visit but like Dorothy on the Wizard of Oz “There’s no place like home”.

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