Featured Athlete: Shelly

“Hey everyone, my name is Shelly and wow, what a surprise to be athlete of the month. I didn’t expect this so early into my second CrossFit journey. But what a symbolic month to be crowned. I attended my first CrossFit class on a whim, January 2, 2013. You know, those free classes in January bring in all the ready and willing. I couldn’t walk or sit very well for a week, but I went back and fell in love, with how I felt, with the people and the overall feeling of accomplishment. I did great for a couple of years until I had some medical problems. But, that is not an excuse because I could have come back sooner. I let myself go. I read about one of my friends doing so well because of CrossFit and decided to go with her on a “bring a friend” day. I went a couple of times but was just not ready to make the commitment. It took me 6 months to finally bite the bullet and sign up. I rejoined CFMC on October 1, 2018. The coaches are awesome and I actually enjoy getting up and going to the 5 am class (love all you guys, you are amazing). And anyone who knows me, knows I like my sleep. I have lost a total of 35lbs since October. I tell everyone to just try CrossFit once. That is all it takes, and you will be hooked. I look forward to reaching my fitness goals in 2019 and hopefully inspiring others to do the same.”


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