Featured Athlete: Rob

My name is Rob and I am a CrossFit junkie.
My job as a Student Minister lends itself to long hours, a lot of stress and a whole lot of opportunities to eat unhealthy. To help offset those things I joined a traditional gym where I worked out for several years. I was faithful to workout out but I always woreheadphones and never talked to anyone, my idea of cardio was lifting weights faster and I was becoming increasingly bored with the routine of my workouts. After talking to a friend I decided to give CrossFit a try.
I will never forget my first workout, a 20 minute amrap of 15 pull-ups and 400 meter runs. I was humbled! I considered myself to be in pretty good shape but that workout destroyed me. After the first week or so I would go home every day wondering what in the world I had gotten myself in to.
CrossFit, if nothing else, has taught me that no matter someone’s fitness level there is always room for improvement. I am a competitive person and would like to come in first in every workout, but the real competition is internal, always pushing myself to do something I didn’t think possible. Since joining CFMC 15 months ago I am definitely the fittest I have ever been but am nowhere close to being where I want to be.
I love the community of people at CFMC. CrossFit brings people together in the name of fitness that would probably never associate with one another in a regular social setting; teachers, nurses, salespeople, construction workers, police officers, entrepreneurs, etc… It is the only sport I’ve ever been a part of where people continually cheer for others to beat them. It is that attitude and atmosphere that inspired me to get my CF-L1 certificate. Initially I did it for my own personal knowledge to be a better athlete and a couple months afterward began and completed an internship that has allowed me to start coaching.
I am thankful for the opportunity to invest into others to help them be the best version of themselves possible.


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