Featured Athlete: Peyton Jones

It was definitely a surprise to find out I was named Athlete of the Month. Honestly, I went to free classes for a while just because my dad made me, but I really did start liking it after a while. The first week of The Open, when we realized I would probably get some points for our gym in the competition, Coach Evan thanked my dad for being overbearing when it comes to fitness. He wasn’t wrong, but I really do like it now.
When I first started I was really shy and uncomfortable because I felt weak and because I didn’t know how to do any of the movements. As time went on and coaches taught me how to do stuff and as the other members encouraged me I gained a lot of confidence and a lot of strength. I look forward to coming to class and doing the workouts and being around everyone.
This year I am competing in my first Open and I have a goal of competing in Athenas for my first competition next year.


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