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Featured Athlete: Moises Murrillo

Last November I moved to Mid-County and, for a time, when asked the question, “What did you do yesterday?”, the answer was invariably: work, eat, and sleep. Every so often I would add some variety by going on a run, maybe lifting some weights but, after a few weeks of aimlessly doing that, boredom would eventually sap me of any motivation.

Fast forward to mid-December. I am at a Christmas get-together and telling a co-worker of my workout woes. Whether out of kindness or an attempt to shut me up, they told me I should check out CrossFit Mid-County. They explained how lively the environment was and how the workouts were doable for any skill level. Now, I had tried CrossFit a few times and sure, the workouts were fun but, I decided METCON, WOD, and Box were not words I wanted to start using. A few weeks later, fueled by the promise of 2020 and a desire for new beginnings, I decided to give CrossFit another shot. Within 2 weeks, I felt better, faster, and stronger than I had in years. Within 2 months, I made friendships I know will last a lifetime.

While the physical feats you will accomplish after joining CrossFit will no doubt be impressive, what you will cherish most is a community determined to help you become the best version of yourself. Some of the most compassionate, kind, and generous people I have had the pleasure of meeting are members of this gym. Whether they be coaches or teammates, everyone at CFMC wants to see you live your best life. While 2020 has fallen short on many of my expectations, one redeeming quality is it will always be the year I joined CrossFitMid-County.

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