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Featured Athlete: McKenzie Crow

Hi! I’m McKenzie Crow and I began CrossFit in 2018 to prepare for my journey to become a Texas Game Warden. At the time, I joined a CrossFit gym because it was similar to the workouts we would be doing at our academy but I quickly fell in love with every aspect of the sport. I became a part of a much larger community and I loved the way we all pushed one another to be the best version of ourselves. Fast-forward to June of 2020 I moved to Mid-County to begin my career. I didn’t know anyone but I knew I could count on CrossFit. I joined our gym the day I moved to town and it was the best decision I could have made! Not only do I get the opportunity to keep myself in the best shape but I have made some wonderful friends! I can’t imagine a life without it now!!

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