Success stories

Featured Athlete: Maria Cunningham

OMG I love Crossfit! My husband Jason is my biggest supporter and he had suggested I try it out for years now but I was always to scared. I can still remember the day I did my on ramp with Heather, as I left the gym I called my husband crying. He was like are you ok,what’s wrong, we can find something different. I told him I hated it but I think it’s what I needed and 10 months later at 43 years old here I am faithfully going Monday thru Friday and loving every minute.I am much stronger than I have ever been and continue to grow everyday. CFMC is my second family and the way everyone encourages each other is amazing, not to mention the great coaches that push you to do your best. There a ton of things I couldn’t do before crossfit and as the days go by the list gets smaller and smaller. My goal this year is to master a strict pullup. I am honored to be chosen for Featured Athlete and will continue to work hard.

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