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Featured Athlete: Maddy Foster

Hi! I’m Maddy Foster and I’m so honored to be CrossFit Mid County’s featured athlete this month. I originally started CrossFit in 2012 when I was in High School but with the busy schedule of a high school student I quit shortly after. I have never been a “regular gym” person because I never knew exactly what to workout or just felt out of place, and most of the time I just ended up only doing cardio. Growing up I was always super lanky and always wanted muscles.. (lol). In 2018 I decided to give CrossFit another try at CrossFit Mid County and absolutely fell in love with it. My favorite thing about CrossFit is the structured work outs and that it IS for anyone, no matter how strong or how weak. Im super thankful for the constant encouragement from my coaches at CFMC and the sweet friendships that I’ve made! Im so exciting to keep growing as an athlete and getting stronger everyday!

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