Success stories

Featured Athlete: Joaquin

I am Joaquin. The first time I did CrossFit it was intimidating. Everyone seemed so strong. It was very impressive, and something that motivated me to keep moving forward. As I started to interact with the people, their amiability and attitude pushed me even more to reach my fitness goals. They continue to motivate me and guide me as they teach me new things everyday.

I remember someone once asked me, “what are the results have I seen from doing CrossFit so far?” I answered jokingly, “before I used to eat two tacos, now I eat four.” In all seriousness, CrossFit has changed my life; not only physically, but also mentally. It gives me a new found discipline and a hunger to achieve my goals. Everyday I push my self to failure but that failure isn’t a defeat. It’s a victory because with it comes growth.

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