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Featured Athlete: Jason Dickerson

I’m Jason. I’m 46 years old and a paw paw to 8 wonderful grand kids. It’s an honor to be nominated Athlete of the Month. I’ve been an active member of CFMC for just over 3 years now. Before CrossFit, I was just going to the gym (going through the motions) and not very dedicated in my training. Once I was introduced to CrossFit, my life changed (for the better). I love this community! I have met and became good friends with numerous members inside and outside of the gym. Since joining CFMC, I have enrolled in the Beaumont Barbell Club and have had the opportunity to compete at the state level. Recently, I acquired my L-1 certificate and have joined the awesome group of coaches here at Mid County. CrossFit has not only boosted my confidence in myself but has taken me places I would have never imagined. Stay tuned as my story is just beginning…

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