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Featured Athlete: Jaciel Lozoya

Hey, I’m Jaciel Lozoya, I also go by Hoss or JCL. It’s an honor to have been selected for featured athlete. It’s a privilege to have met and be part of this great community that has helped me push myself to my full potential. Although, I’ve gotta admit, at first it was somewhat intimidating to see the different workouts/ movements and think to myself, “How am I even going to attempt to do that” BUT there has always been someone there to help and break down the exercise with patience and knowledge-based insight.

I started Crossfit September 2022, a month after my brother’s missing case was finally solved from 14 years prior. To honor him and rejoice in the good news I decided to celebrate his life in one of the things he enjoyed doing: exercising.

Through Crossfit I’m learning to properly leverage my body and use it to its full potential for optimal performance rather than relying on machinery or other traditional methods. I’ve learned that the counting of macros and food intake play a tremendous role in attaining your overall goal. Another valuable lesson is the process of delayed gratification and the importance it can make in the journey.

It’s fulfilling to walk out of the box de-stressed and accomplished after every workout. Each workout is designed to be challenging but can also be scaled to an individual’s needs. I enjoy that the workouts instill friendly competition and camaraderie with an unmatched quality culture you will not find at a traditional gym.

Shoutout to my wife, all the coaches and members that have encouraged and supported me through this ongoing journey.

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