Featured Athlete: Evan Condron

I’m Evan Condron and I’m pretty stoked to be the featured athlete of the month! I’ve been doing crossfit for about 5 or 6 years. I’ve loved every minute of it. This crossfit community has a positive vibe radiating from every corner of the gym. The friends Ive made from it are some of the best people I have ever met (shout out to Drew, Steph, Allie, Jason, Omair and Mike).
I was always a regular kid. I wasn’t that active in school. I never played any sports growing up, nor did I workout on the reg. I started skating when I was 14, and never really stopped. That’s about the extent of my high school sport career.
I’ve tried the typical gym rat thing and P90X, but lost motivation fast. I would stop going and make excuses not to do it. While eating taco’s in 2012, I came across the crossfit games. Soon as I saw it I knew it was for me. So, the next day I texted a friend that was a member at the time, and she got me in contact with Stefan and Burt. After that first week, I KNEW I WAS HOOKED!


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