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Featured Athlete: Derik Viator

I’m Derik Viator, known as DJ for most, one of the OG members. Becoming Athlete of the Month has been a long time coming. I began my CrossFit journey in 2011, with my wife, at CrossFit MidCounty and also 2 years in between where I continued to CrossFit in Galveston. I was hooked since the day I walked into the doors at CFMC. But I really began to see results when I got my nutrition dialed in within the last two or three years.

I grew up active, but not as active as most. I played football throughout middle school and high school, but that was the extent of my athleticism growing up. Other than playing hooky my senior year and swimming across the Neches River with some friends (I don’t recommend it.) After I graduated high school I joined the YMCA and did the typical globo gym/running routine and even became a Spin Cycle Instructor. That routine wasn’t exactly working out for me and I easily got unmotivated. CrossFit was what I needed to fill that void. I leaned out, dropped weight, and gained quite a few friends along the way.

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