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Featured Athlete: Colby Hargrave

My CrossFit journey started in 2012 when I was invited to another local gym down the street as a guest. I fell in love immediately with CrossFit. I always enjoyed working out and had been a member of your standard type gym since high school graduation. Competitiveness has always ran through my blood from playing front yard baseball/football with neighborhood kids to college baseball at SHSU. After giving up baseball and moving back home to start the Engineering program I lacked that competitive aspect of my life, until I happened to stumble into a CrossFit gym. From here my journey has been nonstop and ever changing.

I finally managed to come down the road to CrossFit Mid County December 2013 and joined as a full time member January 2014. I have gone from a normal member coming Monday-Friday only, to training extra hours on Olympic lifting, to training for different CrossFit Competitions, and most recently meal prepping to help get my diet right as part of my training.

The things I love most about the Sport are Community, Competitiveness, and the Results. CrossFit enabled me to reach the best shape of my life even after sports trainers prescribing specific training methods for exercise. The hardest part for me and my specific body is sustaining the results year end and year out. This is what finally drove me to decide to get serious and adopt a diet that I can sustain. So yes after 7 total years of CrossFit and 5 years with CrossFit Mid County, I finally broke down and adopted a meal plan I can stick to and has helped me be more sustainable with my fitness goals. If I could give someone general personal health advice, I would totally recommend CrossFit regardless of your physical abilities or current health. The sport allows you to modify and sculpt each aspect of the daily routine to best fit you and your abilities. On top of that, its core is made up of some of the best friends, neighbors, and coaches you could possibly find, which makes the daily grind that much more enjoyable.

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